Timeshare Points

If you are interested in purchasing into one of the Vacation Clubs in South Africa, we recommend you look at one of the following, as each will provide you with access to internal bookings within the club, and all the exchange possibilities of RCI Southern Africa.

How The Points Work

This is a unique form of non-specific holiday ownership that allows you greater flexibility in selecting dates, times of the year, destinations and the size of your unit.
This will enable your to plan your holidays according to your own particular needs.

Unique Flexibility

How does the idea of holidaying whenever you like, without having to worry about accommodation sound to you?
With timeshare through Cape Escape, that’s what you get.

  • Holiday at any RCI affiliated resort either locally or internationally.
  • Utilise all your points at once or split them for weekend and midweek getaways.
  • Accumulate your points by carrying over 100 % of any unused points for 3 to 5 years.
  • Borrow from the year ahead if you wish to plan that really special holiday.
  • You are no longer restricted to any particular unit size, time of year or destination.
  • Purchase additional points at any time.
  • Rent or sell any points that you may not be using.

The resorts are all graded and points are allocated according to the quality, unit size, facilities, destination and time of year.
The amount of points allocated to a particular resort remains constant from year to year. Likewise, the amount of points you purchased also remains constant.
Each year, you will be allocated the amount of points, and it is up to you to decide how you would like to use them.
The higher the season, and the larger the unit, the more points you will require for that particular week.

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