About Cape Escape

Cape Escape is all about making holidays more affordable for everyone, through cost-effective means: timesharing.

Award-Winning & Accredited Service

All Cape Escape resale agents are members of VOASA which is a regulating body laying down a stringent Code of Conduct, to which we strictly adhere. We are also all members of The Estate Agent Board and are fully-fledged real estate brokers.

We maintain audited trust accounts so our clients can rest assured that their funds are underwritten by the Fidelity Fund. We adhere strictly to the industry code of conduct and our clients interests come first. We have had a long association with RCI and work closely with their management team on a number of resale and new membership issues.

Cape Escape and its staff members have received numerous awards ranging from:

  •  Excellence in Sales Achievements
  •  Special Recognition Awards for the Administration Team
  •  Members of RCI’s exclusive Millionaires Club
  •  Administrative Excellence

National & International Presence

Cape Escape’s head office is based in Cape Town, South Africa with further offices in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. We also have representation in USA, UK and over 25 freelance agents in other major cities, worldwide.

The Progression of Cape Escape

Cape Escape believes in young blood and, 10 years ago, Tana Hofmann appointed  Nicky McCulloch and Karen Halvorsen as partners to her growing venture. Together they run an efficient team and are responsible for the marketing and administration of all timeshareand points transfers.

We welcome you to browse our site, where you will find information about everything timeshare-related: from what is timeshare and how the points work, to what it means to rent timeshare and buy timeshare. If you have any questions or concerns, kindly get in touch with us.

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